Our Story…

For a long, long time, I have wanted to share our story.

A story where we have found ourselves on a path that at times, offers tiny glimpses of hope, like little tea lights in jars dancing and guiding us to happier times.

However, at other times, the path is dark, pitch black.  I sense danger with every careful step I take, so frightened that, at any moment, the darkness will swallow me up whole, taking all my hopes and dreams away with it.

The suffocating silence that surrounds miscarriage and baby loss makes it feel so hard to share our story.  The social taboos around this incredibly emotive subject and the fear of making others feel uncomfortable forces it to be hidden, swept under carpets.  To not be seen or heard.

Without Jennie Agg creating Mum’s Voice series on her blog, The Uterus Monologues, I am not sure if I would have had the confidence to share our story.  

I feel so proud of this post.  The process of writing this piece was truly liberating, helping me to start to unpick the complex, tangled up web of emotions and thoughts.

All of our stories need to be told, listen to and respected. The more we talk about miscarriage and baby loss, the more those affected will feel heard and supported.